Photo de Curtius


La Curtius is a blond beer brewed using premium quality products, recognizable through its light taste and refreshing flavors. Composed with different barley malts and wheat, its base gives it a pleasant lightness while the addition of aromatic hop blossoms provide a subtle bitterness in conjunction with a flowery and fruity flavor. Its unique and progressive taste is the result of multiple fermentation steps, conducted over several months.

Curtius deserved a quality and prestigious bottle suitable for the contents. This is why we chose a 37.5 cl corked bottle, just like champagne. Of course, Curtius is also available in kegs.

Alcool: 7% Alc./Vol. Style: Belgian wheat Ale
Robe(EBC): Blond (14) IBU: 16
Format: Champagne bottles 37,5cl et 75cl / Beer keg 20L
Malt of barley and wheat
Photo de  SMASH {C}


SMASH {C} (Single Malt & Single Hop) is a generously hopped beer brewed from a single malt and a single hop which is exclusively used as an aromatic to express a distinct fruity bouquet and slightly bitter flavours.

Alcool: 6,2% Alc./Vol. Style: Hoppy Ale
Robe(EBC): Blond (18) IBU: 26
Format: Bouteilles 33cl / Fût 5L ou 20L
100% Malt Pale Ale
Photo de Black C

Black C

This imperial stout of 8% ABV will surprise palates seeking for character beers with a lot of flavor.

Guarantied non- pasteurized, non-sterilized and non-filtered, it offers roasted coffee and cocoa aromas, revealing a harmonious bitterness throughout the savoring of the beer.

The name Black {C} refers doubly to its impenetrable black body as well as the brewery where the stout originated from.

Alcool: 8% Alc./Vol. Style: Belgian Stout
Robe(EBC): Black (145) IBU: 55
Format: Bottles 33cl / Beer keg 20L
Barley malt blond, caramelized, roasted and roasted