Our origin

Founders Renaud and François met during their agricultural studies. Both were fascinated by the universe of brewing, and they found their interest and approach to the craft were complementary. It was on school bench that for the first time they discussed their vision of a company environment and of course their undeniable passion for beer. In beer they saw enormous opportunities for creativity, and they realized that by using simple, natural and local components, they had found an ideal purpose that corresponded perfectly with their personalities. Though still just a rough layout, their adventure was about to begin.

They then spent three years to envision, elaborate on, build and refine their project. After countless experiments, lots of tests and adjustments to get it right, they eventually developed their signature beer, Curtius.

By participating in STARTER (RTBF), their labor during the launch phase came to a head, and for the first time, they were able to glimpse the outlines of their dream. In 2012, the year of its launch, demand for Curtius reached volumes that were far above initial expectations. This demand generated interest among large Belgian retailers and corporations, and earned coverage in several types of media

Our adventure, our philosophy

Curtius immediately began expanding its horizons, crossing the Belgian frontier to friends in France, Luxembourg, Italy, and the Netherlands. Curtius was present not only at several festivals as well as at the Royal Palace in presence of S.A.R. King Albert II and Paola the Queen, but also in several movies and a Michelin-starred Paris restaurant. Renaud and François have always responded positively and with pleasure to these opportunities. Nevertheless, this rapid success prompted reflection the firm’s future.

The initial brewery had been set up on Brasserie Street, but the facility proved too modest and brewery quickly reached total productive capacity. Expansion became necessary. In the meantime, thanks to the help of another high-quality Walloon brewery, they were able to meet growing demand. Today that brewer remains a close friend and engaged partner.

The team examined several possibilities in considering a new brewery location. The principal criterion was for it to be located in the city center. They wanted a brewery that lived at the pace of the city and its inhabitants and for it to be in phase with events occurring in Liège. Being closer to customers was an imperative.

Allowing all brewers, whether amateur or professional, passionate or curious, to easily come to see and taste our work represented the brewery model we imagined and dreamt of.

Our Brew Pub

Our location is loaded with history, and Brasserie C invites you to make some new history at an original tasting. Consume your beer where it was produced!

Discover our tasting spaces and our terraces where you will be given the occasion to try our beers and also other craft beers of quality. To keep you fed and to accompany your beer, we propose quality cheese and charcuterie plates.

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Our store for local products

Our store for local products is designed to present a selection of treasures from our region. We continually seek to highlight our region’s producers. Of course we want to satisfy Curtius fans with gift packs featuring its now famous glass, but we also aspire to spotlight partners from our beautiful province who have helped us since we began. We are proud to contribute further to the gastronomic reputation of Liège and Walloon.

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