Photo de Curtius


La Curtius is a blond beer brewed using premium quality products, recognizable through its light taste and refreshing flavors. Composed with different barley malts and wheat, its base gives it a pleasant lightness while the addition of aromatic hop blossoms provide a subtle bitterness in conjunction with a flowery and fruity flavor. Its unique and progressive taste is the result of multiple fermentation steps, conducted over several months.

Curtius deserved a quality and prestigious bottle suitable for the contents. This is why we chose a 37.5 cl corked bottle, just like champagne. Of course, Curtius is also available in kegs.

Alcool: 7% Alc./Vol. Style: Belgian wheat Ale
Robe(EBC): Blond (14) IBU: 16
Format: Champagne bottles 37,5cl et 75cl / Beer keg 20L
Malt of barley and wheat
Photo de Torpah


Torpah is a range of three single-hop beers, each made from a unique and single type of hop (hence the name).

The declinations of Torpah 30, Torpah 60, Torpah 90, refer directly to each’s IBU (bitterness index) We encourage you to taste them all to experience the progressive intensity of the bitterness and the taste we have achieved around each hop.

Alcool: 6% Alc./Vol. Style: Hoppy Ale
Robe(EBC): Blond (13) IBU: 30, 60, 90
Format: Bottles or cans 33cl
100% Malt of barley
Photo de Black C

Black C

This imperial stout of 8% ABV will surprise palates seeking for character beers with a lot of flavor.

Guarantied non- pasteurized, non-sterilized and non-filtered, it offers roasted coffee and cocoa aromas, revealing a harmonious bitterness throughout the savoring of the beer.

The name Black {C} refers doubly to its impenetrable black body as well as the brewery where the stout originated from.

Alcool: 8% Alc./Vol. Style: Belgian Stout
Robe(EBC): Black (145) IBU: 55
Format: Bottles 33cl / Beer keg 20L
Barley malt blond, caramelized, roasted and roasted

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